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Jobs in Aurangabad Mar 06, 2019
JobsinAurangabad.com is a recruitment platform where connecting candidate & employer is made easy.

We are a portal where finding a right job and a right candidate is made easy!

For Job Seekers we are a platform which helps them search job opportunities with different companies in Aurangabad region, apply for jobs and get hired. Job Seekers can build their Cvs, follow different companies, view multiple jobs in Aurangabad, apply for jobs & get hired free of cost.

For Employers we are a platform which helps them hire relevant candidates by posting unlimited jobs, receiving verified responses and scheduling interviews for the candidates. Posting jobs and hiring candidates is absolutely free of cost with Jobsinaurangabad.com. Employers can also promote their company brand by advertising with jobsinaurangabad.com.

One of the crucial parts for us to provide a reliable and seamless experience is to have authenticated user accounts to maintain the overall quality and seriousness of candidates. Apart from that, candidate account security and satisfaction is one of our prime objectives at JobsinAurangabad.com. MSG91 (www.msg91.com) proved to be great source to help us build a great customer relationship by securing user accounts using integrated OTP services and have an efficient communication channel via SMS to our database. 

We have been using the OTP and messaging services in our onboarding process of the platform. Users have to authenticate their identity before they get an access to the platform. As a result, the user gets OTP"S via a secured channel, making the process reliable and efficient resulting in better experience and trust with users. On the other hand, it helps us keep a track of authenticated entries and verified accounts making it amazingly easy for us.

We vouch for a partner like MSG91 because:

  1. They understand startups very well
  2. Initial 6 months of credits are almost free to explore the full potential of their platform
  3. Support is super prompt
  4. Reporting panel shows you everything
  5. Their infrastructure if flexible and robust

-Team JobsinAurangabad.com

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Jobs in Aurangabad Mar 06, 2019