Fresher's Funda : Craft an Effective Resume

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Jobs in Aurangabad Jan 20, 2019

First impression is the last impression. Your resume speaks for you. It is your ticket to get the job. You don't have to decorate it to make it impressive. Remember, 'the fewer, the better'. To put it in simple yet effective way, here are some tips for crafting your resume effectively.

1. Design Your Resume Wisely

Use minimum words to give most of the information. Choose words smartly. Keep it simple and short. Have a meaningful flow.


2. State Your Objective

Your objective states your approach towards your desired job. Make it professional. Make it sound polite yet confident.


3. Give Value to Your Values

Demonstrate your values strongly. Your strong yet sophisticated values leave a good impression. Avoid making biased and controversial statements.


4. Educational Qualifications

List your educational qualifications. Put your highest qualification first. Mention the relevant courses undergone.


5. Highlight Your Strengths

Your strengths are the highlights of your resume. List your strengths and put them in smart, simple and minimum words.


6. Present Your Achievements

Show that you are not just a talk. Let your achievements speak for your actions. Emphasize on relevant accomplishments.


7. Check, Recheck

Recheck your resume thoroughly. Avoid making silly mistakes. Refer trusted sources to get your resume checked.


8. Print Check

Get your resume printed. Check if it looks better. Check its readability. Use a quality paper. Font type and size matter. Highlight the titles.


9. Networking Works


Along with online portals, utilize your personal business contacts. Use them to obtain more opportunities. Network your work. The more you network, the greater your chances to find your dream job.  


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Jobs in Aurangabad Jan 20, 2019