Privacy Policy


1. Why should I register with (JiA)?

As a Candidate (Job Seeker) JiA gives you an opportunity to search relevant job openings, create your CV, apply for jobs, manage the jobs you applied for, follow up with recruiters, check the status of applied jobs, view interview details and get the desired job in top companies in Aurangabad for free.

As an Employer: JiA provides you the platform to recruit the best fit candidate for the desired opening. By registering with Jobs in Aurangabad you can create and feature your company page, post jobs, view verified applications, take desired actions on applications, schedule interviews and hire the candidates free of cost.


2. How to register (For Jobseeker/Candidate)?

To create your profile follow the below steps:

Click on sign up

Click on create an account

Enter the details: Enter your email Id, mobile number, password, confirm password, first name and last name.

Click on Sign up


3. How to register as an Employer/HR/Company?

On homepage click on Employer Zone

Enter the details: Enter your corporate email Id, mobile number, password, confirm password, first name, last name, company name and designation.

Click on Sign up


4. How to update/edit profile of Jobseeker?

Click on Profile (right top corner)

Click on Edit Profile


5. How to upload a resume?

Click on Profile (right top corner)

Select  Edit Profile

Click on Resume

Click on upload CV and select your resume and upload it.

If you do not have a resume you can download it from download resume, download any desired template verify and upload it on the platform.


6. How to personalize My Jobfeed?

Click on Profile (right top corner)

Select Personalize Jobfeed

Select the suitable role and the keywords matching your skills. Click on update.

By personalizing your Jobfeed, you will see the jobs matching your skill.


7. I don’t see enough jobs in My Job feed, what do I do?

You can select more keywords from Personalize Jobfeed by clicking on Customize your jobfeed or you may search for more jobs by simply clicking on More Jobs.


8. Can I apply without registration?

No, you cannot.


9. How can I apply for a job?

You can click on the Apply button present on the right and at the bottom of job description. You will be prompted with three questions, mark them if you have relevant qualification, experience and skill. Click on Apply.  (You can apply only if you mark all the questions asked)

Some jobs may have test associated with it. You can start the test after applying for the job.


10. For how many jobs can I apply?

As many relevant jobs as you find on the platform.


11. How do I know if I have applied successfully?

You can view your application for applied job under “Application”

Click on Application on the top ribbon.

You will see all the jobs that you have applied successfully.


12. Where can I check the status for applied Jobs?

You can check the status (shortlisted, interviews, offered, unsuccessful) of job under application.


13. Where can I check my Interviews?
You can check your interview details from menu My Interview or under Application, select interviews and click on interview details.


14. How to create a company page?

When you register as an employer for the first time and click on 'Post new job' you will be asked to upload the company banner, logo, industry, address, and about the company. Simply enter all the details and your company page will be created. You can update the company page by clicking on edit company page from menu item (If you do not see the option of edit company page in menu kindly contact Admin)


15. How to create a new job posting?

Click on Post new job. Fill in the required fields, select job category and then click on Post Job.


16. How to create a questionnaire?

While posting a job you have the option to add questionnaire. Questionnaire can be created while posting a new job or from menu option select Questionnaire

Click on create questionnaire

Click on plus symbol on the right

Add the title of the questionnaire. E.g.: Skill test. Click on Save

Now click on the plus + icon to add questions

Add the question.

Add the options

Click on save

Similarly, you can add more questions and options.


17. How to update/edit a job?

Click on the Dashboard; locate the job you need to edit under My Jobs.

In actions you will find the option to edit a job. Click on Edit job.

Update/edit the job and click on update job at the bottom.


18. Status of job is pending, when will it be published?

When a job is posted or updated it is in pending status. The admin will review the job posting as per the guidelines and publish the job as early as can be done.


19. How to view applicants on my Job posting?

On dashboard; under my jobs, click on application of a particular job to view applicants


20. How to view a candidate’s profile?

On dashboard, click on application

Click on the name of candidate to view his/her profile.


21. How to create an interview venue?

Click on Profile (Top, right)

Select Interview venue

Click on plus + icon to add an interview venue

Enter the details and click on save


22. What all actions can be taken on a candidate’s profile?

You can perfume the below actions on a particular candidate

Shortlist, reject, schedule an interview, save for future, add tags, add comments, download resume, offer job.


23. Where do I find my Saved candidates?

Click on Profile (Top, right), Select Saved candidate.


24. Where do I find my tagged candidates?

Click on Profile (Top, right), Select Tagged candidate.


25. How to download a report?

Click on Reports from top ribbon. Click on export excel to download reports


For any other questions kindly drop an email to admin team. We will be happy to help you.